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Hite Daylily Gardens originated with Howard Hite in the 1970’s at Lake Angelus, Michigan. The gardens were moved in 1997 to Sylvan Lake Michigan and that is when I became involved with growing and hybridizing daylilies. Two of the goals my Father had in life were one, to grow a blue daylily and the other was to live to be 100 years old. I hope to realize his dream of hybridizing a blue daylily. His last introduction named after his mother CHRISTINE WALSER HITE was introduced in 2003, a beautiful dark velvet red daylily with chartreuse throat.

Hite Daylily Gardens are now located in Davisburg, Michigan on 2 acres of rolling land. The Howard Hite memorial garden has approximately 90% of his introductions. We are proud to say it is an AHS display garden with over 300 named cultivars and over two thousand seedlings. My focus is Unusual Form with a Diploid and Tetraploid program. With plenty of space new cultivars are added each year along with assorted hosta.

Growing daylilies in Michigan has grown to growing seedlings in Florida. This will enable me to bring seedling to bloom in shorter time that Michigan but with final test growing being in Michigan. My hope is to produce daylilies that will do well in both areas.

We are happy to announce that HITE DAYLILY GARDENS will be on tour for the 2011 regional meeting of Region 2.

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